Harju Learning Center Ltd is developing an Equine Education and Research center. The project will identify and acquire measurement and monitoring innovations for the operating environment of the Education and Research Center, which will help produce new information for the equine industry. The systems focus on monitoring and developing the horses´ performance and well-being, and provide new comprehensive information on the status and functioning of horses in a species-specific habitat. The information produced is widely used in research and development of equestrian sport. Open data is shared with a new kind of information management system for different parties.

The main objective of the project is the development of horses´ welfare, equine expertise and equestrian sport through research and education based on it. In order to achieve the main objective, the Center will acquire the necessary technical information systems and expand the Centre's simulation capabilities. Thanks to the development efforts to be made, the Equine Education and Research Center will be a unique international hub and a meeting place for equine actors at both the real and virtual levels. In the future, the emerging Center will enable a significant quantitative and qualitative increase in business cooperation, thereby supporting the development of the expertise of equine operators and entrepreneurs. The mission of the Center is to deepen and diversify the content and effectiveness of equine education through research data and pedagogical models, and to promote a work-oriented approach in line with the objectives of the VET reform.

As measures, the project will identify simulation, monitoring and measurement technologies, as well as digital collaboration and innovation platforms for collecting and sharing knowledge of equine wellbeing and riding ability. Purchases are shown in the investment part of the project. The acquired systems will be introduced and the necessary programming and commissioning training will be acquired.

As results of the project simulation, monitoring and measurement technologies, as well as digital collaboration and innovation platforms for equipping and sharing knowledge for equine wellbeing and riding ability have been identified. The identified systems have been acquired and introduced and the necessary programming work and systems implementation training have been acquired. The activities of the Harju Equine Education and Research Center have been launched. The Center generates research and monitoring information for collaboration and innovation platforms. Both in Finland and abroad, operators in the field are able to utilize the accumulated information for the development of the equine industry.

The project takes into account horizontal principles by providing equal opportunities for different genders to participate in project activities. Project measures and results will promote awareness of the well-being of horses from the perspective of sustainable development and social and cultural sustainability and contribute to the conservation of natural resources through digitalisation and new technologies.

All the activities of the Education and Research Center have a significant impact on the total number of horses and the development of the vitality of the equine sector in Finland.


For more information contact:

Project manager Juliska Storskrubb, 044 0460 879