Harju goes International

This project’s aim is to restart international co-operation after Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal is to create a strategy that helps us to increase our international mobility and to strengthen our collaboration with other green sector operators. Concretization of this project will be in finding an international co-operative educational institution, starting operating activities, and testing new possibilities to work together.

Duration: 1.2.2023 – 31.12.2024
Funding: William ja Ester Otsakorven Säätiö, Harjun Oppimiskeskus
Promoter: Harjun Oppimiskeskus

Target audience

International co-operation will give both students and teachers different perspectives and new tools to manage the challenges of ever-changing working environment. This project will also benefit local businesses and entrepreneurs through increased student circulation and international networking.

Implementation and goals

Aim of the project is to start co-operation with one foreign vocational school in the field of natural resources and build strategy that guarantees continuity for international activities and ensures benefits of the project will continue after completion. During this project we start activities on equestrian field, but in the future international activities will be extended to all educational fields offered in Harju (equestrian, gardening, agriculture, forestry, nature and environment).


Starting up international co-operation, visitations to different educational institutions, building digital bridges and exchanging ideas as well as developing Harju’s accessibility and diversification of working community.

Further information:
Minna Uronen
+358 (0)440232959