Welcome to Harju Manor!

harju kuvituskuva

Welcome to Harju Manor!

The 200 years old manor house Harjun Hovi with its wide estate awaits you! Whether you are planning a business event or a family gathering, we have the facilities for you.
Up to date modern technology, varied spaces and beautiful surroundings combine for a unique and functional experience.

The Harju estate offers a variety of architectural styles as well as parks and garden areas. Follow the Salpa Line hiking trail to find out more about Finnish war history or visit Kiessi, our museum of horse‐drawn vehicles. We are also home to Harju vocational college. Dating back to 1889, it is a private, educational institute of natural resources.



For a good night’s sleep, book one of our twin rooms or a studio apartment with cooking facilities. We offer accommodations up to 200 persons.

Leisure time and experiences in the area

Why not spice up your event with horse riding, abseiling or guided tours? You can experience the true Finnish countryside in Harju. Spending time in Harju is an unique experience itself, but if you want some action as part of your holiday in Virolahti there is a possibility to try out several activities. Abseiling from a steep cliff or variety of horse activities make your stay in Virolahti even more memorable.

50 kilometers long Salpa Line hiking trail goes through Harju. The historic surroundings in Harju attract to wonder around in the park area, forests and fields and enjoy the tranquillity. There is something for everyone!

Harju Manor and our partners offer tailor-made leisure activities for all occasions and tastes. You can naturally also use the Manor as a setting for your own program or activities.

Ilmakuva Harjusta.


Harju Manor is situated in the municipality of Virolahti, on the southeast coast of Finland. Approximately 170 kilometers east from Helsinki and 25 kilometers from the Russian border. Harju Manor is only two hours’ drive away from Helsinki Airport.

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